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Where am I? Waiting in a parking lot…, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

With my camera, of course. A policeman came up while I was snapping pix of the arborland sign. Never been questioned before…..


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Tonight, I made the most delicious thing. Banana-chocolate-chip Frozen Custard. It is the most astonishingly creamy ice cream I have ever made or consumed. The picture cannot do it justice; it’s like butter.

Frozen Banana chocolate chip Custard

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Where am I? Lillie park, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.


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Three Pigs

Three Pigs, Take 2, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

Pork sausage, bacon, and diced ham, smothered in mozzarella cheese and deposited inside 6 eggs. Served with special recipe home fries. Mmm food.

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Wet Flower, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

I went home again. I took pictures at a flower merchant, Meijer’s flower section, the flowers at my parents’ house, and the flowers next to our library. This is starting to sound like the Malkovich-in-Malkovich scene in “Being John Malkovich”. Flowers? Flowers flowers flowers *flowers* flowers! FLOWERS!


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Pink Is My Favorite Crayon, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

This flower symbolizes Cinco de Mayo. No, it doesn’t. It’s just a pretty flower. I decided to go to the park on May 5th, and then I decided to go to the other park, and then the ‘juvenile center’ near my job.

As usual, I took many pictures, of which there are only a few worthy of looking at.

For more of May 5th, go to the Flickr photoset.

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Where am I? Taking pictures at my parents’ house

Originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

See the cat? That’s Tippy. Awww. She’s sideways. 😦

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