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Bug Arch, Vertical, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

I recently got a new camera lens, so I went out to take pictures of some flowers. Flowers make a great study for photography; they don’t move around (much), they’re pretty, colorful, and there are all kinds of nice up-close details.

Of course, everyone else takes pictures of flowers too. Flickr is overloaded with flower macro.

But how many macro shots of a weird little archway are there? (This is actually close-up, not macro. Also, it’s really part of a railing.)

This is the sort of stuff I look for when I try to take a really good picture. Something unusual, a different perspective.


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It’s Really Hot Out

Fire Chimney, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

I handheld this shot. It was really, really dark. 1/8th of a second. Look at all that heat. I could feel it from where I was standing. That’s just awesome. I

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Where am I? Watching and waiting…, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

Watching the sunset, waiting for my roommate to get off work.

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Who Is Sean Malone?, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

I went out ‘photo walking’. You can find the result if you click on the picture above. It was really just an attempt to go have asian bubble tea with some friends. I did not take pictures of the bubble tea, as it is unexciting to photograph. Instead, I took pictures of my friends, and of Ann Arbor.

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Memorial Day

Grill Smoke, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

Belatedly, I had a little barbecue with my friend Jordan and my roommate Rob. As you can see, it produced a lot of smoke….

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