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What have I been doing? Being busy. Here are some highlights:

Got You In My Sight

Quarton Lake Mill Dam

Another Lone Tree

Black-eyed Susans - Ghetto LOMOized

Light Tower


Rob Is Passing The Torch

Abstract Calculus (leaves)


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Bug Arch, Vertical, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

I recently got a new camera lens, so I went out to take pictures of some flowers. Flowers make a great study for photography; they don’t move around (much), they’re pretty, colorful, and there are all kinds of nice up-close details.

Of course, everyone else takes pictures of flowers too. Flickr is overloaded with flower macro.

But how many macro shots of a weird little archway are there? (This is actually close-up, not macro. Also, it’s really part of a railing.)

This is the sort of stuff I look for when I try to take a really good picture. Something unusual, a different perspective.

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Wet Flower, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

I went home again. I took pictures at a flower merchant, Meijer’s flower section, the flowers at my parents’ house, and the flowers next to our library. This is starting to sound like the Malkovich-in-Malkovich scene in “Being John Malkovich”. Flowers? Flowers flowers flowers *flowers* flowers! FLOWERS!


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Pink Is My Favorite Crayon, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

This flower symbolizes Cinco de Mayo. No, it doesn’t. It’s just a pretty flower. I decided to go to the park on May 5th, and then I decided to go to the other park, and then the ‘juvenile center’ near my job.

As usual, I took many pictures, of which there are only a few worthy of looking at.

For more of May 5th, go to the Flickr photoset.

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The Red

Cram It! Vol 3: Hardcore Flowers
It’s spring here in Ann Arbor. That means growth and change. Isn’t that so appropriate for a college town? Anyway, there was a tulip next door that was blooming expansively, so I went and stuck my camera lens in it. It worked!

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