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What have I been doing? Being busy. Here are some highlights:

Got You In My Sight

Quarton Lake Mill Dam

Another Lone Tree

Black-eyed Susans - Ghetto LOMOized

Light Tower


Rob Is Passing The Torch

Abstract Calculus (leaves)


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Tonight, I made the most delicious thing. Banana-chocolate-chip Frozen Custard. It is the most astonishingly creamy ice cream I have ever made or consumed. The picture cannot do it justice; it’s like butter.

Frozen Banana chocolate chip Custard

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Three Pigs

Three Pigs, Take 2, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

Pork sausage, bacon, and diced ham, smothered in mozzarella cheese and deposited inside 6 eggs. Served with special recipe home fries. Mmm food.

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