Who Is Sean Malone?, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

I went out ‘photo walking’. You can find the result if you click on the picture above. It was really just an attempt to go have asian bubble tea with some friends. I did not take pictures of the bubble tea, as it is unexciting to photograph. Instead, I took pictures of my friends, and of Ann Arbor.


Memorial Day

Grill Smoke, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

Belatedly, I had a little barbecue with my friend Jordan and my roommate Rob. As you can see, it produced a lot of smoke….

Where am I? Waiting in a parking lot…, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

With my camera, of course. A policeman came up while I was snapping pix of the arborland sign. Never been questioned before…..

Tonight, I made the most delicious thing. Banana-chocolate-chip Frozen Custard. It is the most astonishingly creamy ice cream I have ever made or consumed. The picture cannot do it justice; it’s like butter.

Frozen Banana chocolate chip Custard

Where am I? Lillie park, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.


Three Pigs

Three Pigs, Take 2, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

Pork sausage, bacon, and diced ham, smothered in mozzarella cheese and deposited inside 6 eggs. Served with special recipe home fries. Mmm food.

Wet Flower, originally uploaded by thekevinmonster.

I went home again. I took pictures at a flower merchant, Meijer’s flower section, the flowers at my parents’ house, and the flowers next to our library. This is starting to sound like the Malkovich-in-Malkovich scene in “Being John Malkovich”. Flowers? Flowers flowers flowers *flowers* flowers! FLOWERS!